At the door of Cilento.
In the middle of the Sele Plain
Collebianco Dairy Farm produces
with passion the Campana Buffalo Mozzarella
From a long experience
of three generations of Ambrosca
family in 1986 the dairy farm Collebianco was born.
Nowadays it represents one of the best known
realities in the province of Salerno
for the production of the Campana buffalo mozzarella.
The milk comes from the best breeding farms
on the land of the Sele Plain (SA)
taken from buffalos cared and followed
during all their feeding cycle.
This guarantees hygiene e quality of the milk.
The experience and the skills of the master dairyman,
the traditional artisan techniques,
the use of the modern plants
make the products of Collebianco really unique.
Using only the buffalo milk,
Collebianco produces its mozzarella.
In its several dimensions and shapes,
other specialties are added
This is the Mozzarella
made exclusively
with fresh whole buffalo milk.

The Aversana of Collebianco
is the biggest shape of the buffalo mozzarella.
Same characteristics
and the same flavor.

they are so named for their dimension.
They are smaller than the mozzarella
but they store the same pleasantness.

Ciliegine collebianco.
Little buffalo mozzarella.

the Treccioni
The buffalo milk treccioni.
Exclusively handmade

The smoked mozzarella
It is smoked only through natural techniques.
It has a golden color and aromatic taste
typically given by the smoking process.

The ricotta
It is produced through the buffalo milk whey.
It has a sweet and delicate taste.

The buffalo puff pastry mozzarella
Exclusively handmade
It is delicious when it is filled.

The smoked bocconcini
The same shape of the classic bocconcino
They have the typical color
and taste of the smoking process

Zizzona of Battipaglia
Completely handmade buffalo mozzarella
Its shape represents a characteristic of our land.


Via Roma, 2 – 84092 Bellizzi SA, Italy

tel +39 0828 53877

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Aldo Ambrosca
Commerciale / Marketing and Sales

Mariagrazia Tortora
Amministrazione / Administration

Mario Ambrosca
Produzione / Production
Domenico Ambrosca
Confezionamento / Packaging

Tommaso Carbone
Sales Manager
+39 347 9176971
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