lavorazione latte di bufala fresco

Buffalo Milk

We only use fresh and whole milk in line with the most genuine quality and security rules of the production of DOP/PDO mozzarella.

laboratorio caseificio collebianco

DOP/PDO Mozzarella

We produce the best Buffalo Mozzarella of Campania following its ancient tradition and respecting all the rules dictated by the Protection Association of the DOP/PDO mark.

conservazione mozzarella di bufala in acqua di governo

Buffalo mozzarella: freshness and tradition

The efficiency of our processing guarantees a finished product controlled in every phase that you can taste in all its freshness with a 24 hour delivery service.


We choose the best primary ingredients to give shape to a unique and quality dairy product. DOP/PDO Collebianco Buffalo mozzarella of Campania comes  rom the buffalo milk of the best breedings of the Piana Del Sele.

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