The following general terms and conditions regulate sale services through this website when Collebianco s.n.c operates as a dealer (“General Sale Conditions”)

Sale object via website
The sale object of Colle Bianco s.n.c via the website www.collebianco.it (mentioned from now on as: website) consists on specific offers on dairy products (mentioned from now on as: offers). The precise contract conditions regarding each individual offer are present on the website. Every offer can have a predetermined duration as well as technical characteristics and prices applicable to each individual service, valid only for the time indicated therein. These general sales conditions are applied to every offer of this website as well as their individual conditions. Therefore, every contract concluded through the website www.collebianco.it  follows the present sales conditions, in addition to the specific contract conditions included in the individual offers therein.


The following general conditions of sales apply to all contracts between Colle Bianco s.n.c via their website www.collebianco.it. The rules of reference for the interpretation of these general conditions of sale, of the contracts based on them, and for any dispute arisen on the matter, is the Italian law, with the application of the Italian Jurisdiction. Colle Bianco s.n.c does not assume any responsibility for the sales of products and/or services by parties other than Colle Bianco s.n.c which are present on the website www.collebianco.it  via links, banners or other links. Colle Bianco s.n.c is s not responsible for the contents of these sites or for any errors and/or violations of the law therein

3.Site Registration, Privacy and Consumer Definition

In order to be able to purchase on line, the buyer must register by filling the appropriate “form” available on the website and provide his/her personal data, including tax code and/or VAT Number, declaring the truthfulness of them. These data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy, which can be viewed on the site. Colle Bianco s.n.c will not accept any order from subjects who have not provided their complete, truthful data. Colle Bianco s.n.c sells their products both to qualified subjects as Consumers under the Consumption Code (i.e. those who do not use products purchased by Colle Bianco s.n.c as part of their business, commercial or professional activities) and to non-qualifiable subjects such as Consumers, who do not deal with Colle Bianco s.n.c in a commercial way. Therefore, Colle Bianco s.n.c expressly prohibits the purchase of the products contained on the website in order to resell them to the public or to third parties, within a commercial activity or not. In this regard, Colle Bianco s.n.c reserves the right not to evade abnormal orders with their honest judgement. To the effects of the present general sales conditions and under the Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005, it is not reputed Consumer whoever registers under the following categories: Company, agency, professional owners of VAT number, including the latter in the registration.

4.Unilateral Modifications

Colle Bianco s.n.c may modify these general conditions of sales at any time without notice to the buyer prior to the completion of the contract.

Colle Bianco s.n.c reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the sale of products, at any time and at its discretion, and disclaims any liability whatsoever for the modification, suspension or termination of its sale.

Services request
The buyer must express his/her intention to purchase the services through the website procedures, where he/she may envision and ascertain the offers proposed by Colle Bianco s.n.c, their duration, the essential service and price. In case of multiple orders, there will be as many contracts as the offers the buyer purchases. The order entered by the buyer through the website procedures includes a contract application and constitutes a specific acceptance of the present general sale conditions as well as the individual conditions applied to each offer.

Colle Bianco s.n.c may or may not accept, at its sole discretion, the received order without the customer asking for rights or claims whenever the latter does not accept the order. The contract will be concluded, with the concerning order filled or to be filled, as soon as Colle Bianco s.n.c has the right to accept, at its sole discretion, orders received a result of specific agreements concluded with the customer.

Validity of offers
Every offer on the site shall indicate the period of validity of the offer. Once the period has expired, the offer will no longer be available, nor Colle Bianco s.n.c will have to reprocess it.

7. Order confirmation

The services described in the offer and purchased by the Customer will be executed only after the conclusion of the contract between Colle Bianco and the Customer with the subsequent written acceptance of the assignment by Colle Bianco. In such acceptance, the order details and a summary of the content of the purchase information will be communicated to the purchaser. In the event that Colle Bianco s.n.c. does not accept the assignment, the amount paid by the buyer will be refunded.

The invoice will be released by the end of the month of online purchase.

Right of withdrawal
Conditions for withdrawal are specified under the following link https://www.collebianco.it/diritto-di-recesso

In the event any argument arises between the parties relating to the purchase of services pertaining to the contract, only the Forum of Salerno will be competent for the subsequent judgment, with the exception of all other optional Forum, as per art. 19 and 20 of Civil Code.

Confidentiality and disclosure of personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003
All information about the customer’s activities that will be communicated to Colle Bianco s.n.c., Co-workers and Consultants in order to fulfil the assignment/service will be considered confidential and utilizable within the limits and for the purposes of the assignment. The common data (company name, address, VAT) necessary for the execution of the obligations arising from the contract may be communicated to accountants and banking institutions. These data can be processed both manually and computer based and will be retained by Colle Bianco s.n.c.

Intellectual property rights
The User declares and acknowledges that all trademarks, designs, models, badges, intellectual jobs, software and databases, or any other intellectual and industrial property right accessible to and/or reproduced on site in any form, including Colle Bianco trademark, are the sole property of Colle Bianco s.n.c.

However, Colle Bianco s.n.c. does not respond to intellectual property rights relating to the products for sale, whose owners are expressly indicated therein. Any use of intellectual property rights, in any form whatsoever, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Colle Bianco s.n.c. or its licensors.

Reproduction of the contents of the Site and the products offered is expressly prohibited.

Tacit clauses
According to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 of Civil Code, the buyer declares that he has read, understood, and specifically accepted the following clauses: 4. Unilateral modifications; 6. Offer validity; 9. Right of withdrawal; 10. Jurisdiction

Before proceeding to purchase the products, we ask that you carefully read the conditions of sale. The online store is the sole property of the Company Colle Bianco s.n.c., with registered office in Bellizzi (SA), via Roma 6, VAT number 02222230654, telephone number 0828 53877. All prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of other taxes. All products in our store are actually available at our headquarters. Shipping costs are to be added to the sales prices of the products. The weight, as specified in the product description, refers to the drained weight of Mozzarella, thus excluding the weight of the preserving liquid. The total weight of the packaging given in the shipping costs refers to the gross weight. The contract of sale is deemed to be concluded when Colle Bianco s.n.c. receives the Customer’s order by email. Upon conclusion of the contract, Colle Bianco is committed to providing the Customer with the ordered products, as indicated in the present Conditions.

By submitting the order form, the Customer unconditionally accepts and agrees to observe, in its relations with Colle Bianco, all dispositions contained in these conditions. The contract of sale between the Customer and Colle Bianco is deemed to be concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. In case of any civil or penal dispute arising from the conclusion of the present distance contract and if the Customer is a consumer, jurisdiction belongs to the Court of his/her city of residence. In all other cases the Court of Salerno has the exclusive jurisdiction.

For complaints you can send an email to customercare@collebianco.it or call the number 082853877

Methods of Payment
Payments can be made using any of the following methods:

Bank Transfer
In this case payment is expected to be received prior to the dispatch of goods.

Payment must be completed within 7 days of order date, after this deadline the order will be automatically cancelled.

The purpose of the bank transfer must necessarily include order date and name and surname of the customer. The bank transfer will have to be made payable to: COLLE BIANCO SNC. IBAN IT89O0837889391000000334780

Cash on Delivery
By selecting this payment method an additional cost of € 5 will be automatically added to your shopping cart, to be paid at the time the goods will be delivered to you by courier.

Paypal protects your credit card information thanks to innovative security and fraud prevention systems

Shipping Conditions
Properly covered by insurance, deliveries take place within 24 – 48 hours of production. More precisely, our products travel for an average of 12 hours, after which they are directly delivered to the chosen destination.

Deliveries are carried out according to the following scheme:


Monday and Tuesday (until 8.00 p.m.)

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday    and Sunday (until 8.00 p.m.


On the following Wednesday after the order date

On the following Monday

after the order date


On the following Thursday after the shipping date

On the following Tuesday after the shipping date

Orders submitted after 8.00 p.m. will be processed the following day.

Transportation cost
(this offer solely applies for shipping to Italy and is available at the retail level only)

€ 9,90 (we offer free shipping for orders over € 90).

In rare cases and for reasons of force majeure our products may be delivered within 48 hours of production instead of 24 hours. The packaging consists of a double seal food plastic bag placed into polystyrene isothermal containers which allow the product to keep insulated and protected from changes in temperature.

Moreover, buffalo mozzarella is packaged together with its liquid that, equal to twice its weight, preserves its organoleptic properties.

Buffalo mozzarella should be stored in its liquid until the very moment you consume it.

Damaged delivery procedure

In the event you receive packages visibly damaged by the courier you can reject the damaged package and return it to the sender by signing the courier’s receipt “with reserve”. We will then take care of the return of the damaged package and proceed with reshipment.

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