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DOP/PDO buffalo mozzarella treccia from Campania, individually packaged in 500g/1kg/2kg/3kg.

Cost: €12.50 per kilo.

Note: the 1Kg/2Kg/3Kg sizes are not DOP/PDO

DOP/PDO buffalo mozzarella treccia from Campania is the classic table cheese derived by the processing of mozzarella. It is an actual braid (treccia in Italian) weighing 500g. This product is made of whole cow milk and its cheese is manually braided after the forming to get its characteristic shape. During the braiding process, the cheese is immersed in the liquid(whey) and then cooled in the desired shape.

The processing of the buffalo treccia is the same as mozzarella. The curd obtained in the process is first chopped and then showered with water at a temperature ranging from 80 and 95 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures steam the chopped curd making it solid and elastic. The forming is made by gently stirring the cheese until all the curd becomes homogenous.

Finally, the cheese is deprived of the excess water and pulled from the two sides so it resembles a rope. At this point, expert cheesemakers braid the cheese creating a “treccia” of mozzarella with a sweet, delicate and milky flavour.

Just like buffalo mozzarella, treccia has a pearl white colour and a gluey and elastic texture. Its surface is shiny, smooth and thin. When cut, treccia does not ooze much whey, but its scent is that belonging to the typical aromatic buffalo milk.


  • Buffalo milk
  • Rennet
  • Salt

Nutritional value per 100g of buffalo treccia

  • Water 56 g.
  • Protein 18 g.
  • Fat (lipid) 21 g.
  • Carbohydrate 4,6 g.
  • Iron 403 mg.
  • Phosphorus 240 mg.

Calorie content

100g of a buffalo milk’s treccia contain approximately 250Kcal


How to preserve buffalo mozzarella treccia

DOP/PDO Buffalo mozzarella treccia from Campania is recommended to be preserved in its serum at room temperature and to be eaten within four days of its purchase. Moreover, it is advised to keep it in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks in a not very cold temperature, as it is always recommended for these kind of dairy products, if you do not want to alter their organoleptic properties, such as scent and consistency.

Spun paste cheese as buffalo mozzarella treccia are easily the most versatile ingredients of the Italian cuisine. They can be associated with any dish and be used for every lunch and dinner meals. You can use such cheese from appetizers to second-course dishes, as well as side dishes and snacks.

The buffalo DOP/PDO “trecciona” (big “treccia” in Italian) from Campania fuels the fantasy of expert cooks and party planners.

One of the most appetizing recipes with this cheese is certainly  mozzarellatreccia stuffed with baked ham and spinach omelette

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