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DOP/POD Buffalo mozzarella of Campania: 10 bocconcini of 50 g. each,
packaged in a 500 g sealed sachet.

DOP/PDO buffalo bocconcini from Campania is a small spun paste cheese variety. They usually have a 50 g weight, but they present all the characteristics of the buffalo mozzarella from Campania. Buffalo mozzarella bocconcini also have a round shape. You can recognize this delicious product by its pearl color and the thin shiny and moist rind. Their inner consistency is fibrous; therefore, the cheese is elastic and it does not melt in your mouth. The scent of the cream and milk enriches the acidic and savory flavor of the bocconcino, with a light herb flavor as well.

These bocconcini are a DOP/PDO product. The DOP mark indicates a genuine high-quality product. The mozzarella bocconcini are DOP/PDO when they are exclusively made with fresh buffalo whole milk and, when produced by the Dairy, they undergo strict controls to obtain the DOP certificate.

In fact, in the production process of bocconcini, it is mandatory to use the abovementioned buffalo milk and not any other kinds.

The Protective Designation of Origin is a privilege that only a few gastronomic products boast.

Among them, we certainly have the wholesome DOP buffalo bocconcini from Campania of the Collebianco Dairy.


  • Buffalo milk of Campania
  • Rennet
  • Salt

Nutritional value per 100 g of buffalo bocconcini

  • Water 56 g.
  • Protein 18 g.
  • Fat 21 g.
  • Carbohydrate 4,6 g.
  • Iron 0,2mg.
  • Calcium 403 mg.
  • Phosphorus 240 mg.

Calorie contentper 100 g of buffalo bocconcini

  • 100 g of product contain about 250 Kcal

How to preserve buffalo milk bocconcini

As every self-respecting mozzarella, also Collebianco DOP buffalo bocconcini from Campania must be stored in their own serum. Being natural products without any additives, bocconcini must be consumed raw. Moreover, they must not be stored in the refrigerator because cold temperatures alter their organoleptic properties. Furthermore, some dairy experts suggest to immerge the sealed bocconcini’s sachet in warm water for a few minutes, so the taste of the milk can be enhanced.

Prior to taste the mozzarella bocconcini, free them of their liquid on their package and eat them in two or three days. After opening their package, you can store bocconcini in the refrigerator or in the freezer only if you plan to cook them.

You can taste DOP/PDO buffalo bocconcini from Campania as a delicious finger food appetizer.

You can start a lunch or a dinner simply with a dish of bocconcini or enrich them with cherry tomatoes and sardines. Is it possible to prepare skewers alternating a piece of bocconcino and a piece of grilled aubergine. Another way to create a delicious recipe is to prepare potato croquettes with ham and cooked melted mozzarella. And, of course, you can prepare the amazing Gnocchi Sorrento style, cooked with basil, oil and tomato. As you can see, DOP/PDO buffalo bocconcini of Campania can be used in many dishes and preparations. You will be simply spoilt of choice!

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