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500g (0.5Kg) whole cow milk scamorza, individually packaged.

Cost: € 6,00 including VAT (€12 per kilo)

Smoked scamorza is a steamed cow cheese smoked naturally with laurel or hay. Contrary to buffalomozzarella, scamorza is made with raw cowmilk. After the pasteurisation of the milk, rennet and starter cultures are added as further ingredients. The curd obtained with this process is subsequently broken in granules and put to maturation. In the end, the cheese achieved after the maturation is processed, chopped and then soaked into hot water.

The high temperatures melt the cheese that will form the smoked scamorza. With this process, the scamorza will be softened. In this phase, thanks to the expertise of professional cheesemakers, we can achieve the classical round form of the scamorza cheese. Finally, the scamorza is immersed into the brine and eventually let dry with a noose in a smokehouse. The combustion of hay or laurel provide the smoked scamorzaof its peculiar scent and colour.

Smoked scamorza has a peculiar round shape with a bottleneck closed with a rope at its top. Its crust is fine and golden and its cheese is white and elastic, while the aromatic flavour of the smoking makes this semi-hard cheese unique.



  • Whole cow milk
  • Rennet
  • Salt

Nutritional value per 100g of product

  • Water 45g
  • Protein 22,7g
  • Fat (Lipid) 10,2 g
  • Carbohydrate 1g
  • Calcium 512 mg.
  • Phosphorus 299 mg.

Calorie content

100g of smoked scamorza contain approximately 209Kcal



Scamorza must be stored in a refrigerator or in a freezer in case you want to cook it. It is however recommended to keep scamorza stored in a temperature ranged from 0 to 4 degree Celsius, in order not to alter its original scent and flavour. As for the wrapping, it is important to use a transparent foil to store the smoked scamorza in the refrigerator, so the cheese will not absorb any other odours.

This product can last about two weeks stored in the refrigerator, although it is advisable to taste it straight away to avoid the formation of mould. Moreover, if not eaten in time its odour can become nasty and its flavour acidic.

Smoked scamorza is a versatile product, as all the string cheese dairy products. Scamorza can be used as an appetizer, with cold cuts, pickles, salads and toasted bread (especially the traditional Italian bruschetta). Tomato, oil and basil are the ideal ingredients to taste with dairy products. However, you can match scamorza and other dairy products with meat as well.

Aubergine and scamorza meatballs are an excellent appetizer. This recipe is very easy to prepare. First, the aubergines are cut into cubes and cooked to make them softer. When the cubes are ready, they are blended and mixed with eggs, grated pecorino cheese, bread, salt and parsley. Once you obtain a pured compound you need to form small meatballs with a cube of smoked scamorzain their center. These small meatballs are then fried or cooked in the oven, so the centre becomes deliciously unruly.

Find out how to prepare a tasty side dish that you can also serve as a second-coursedish: baked aubergines with scamorza.

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