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500 g (0.5Kg) white whole cow milk, individually packaged.

Cost: € 6,00  Including VAT (€ 12.00 per kilo)

Scamorza is an Italian dairy product mainly produced in South Italy. It’s very similar to caciocavallo for its rounded shape and its bottleneck at the top. The difference between the two is in the maturation process, which lasts two weeks for this spun paste cheese. White scamorza follows the same processing procedure to the smoked one, except, of course, for the smoking part.

The processing is the following: whole cow milk is pasteurised and then scamorza is obtained with boiling milk. Additionally, starter cultures and calf’s rennet are added and finally the serum is extracted. What is left after this processing is the curd. The latter is then broken and let matured at the bottom of the boiler, where the milk had boiled at the start of the process, for about two hours. The obtained cheese gets further processed, chopped and immersed in hot water, causing it to melt and turn unruly.

In the end, the cheese is moulded to create spheres closed by a noose at their top. The white scamorza is, therefore, immersed in a solution of water and salt. Then, the cheese is allowed to dry and, finally, hang for the whole maturation time. The result of this whole production is a rounded spun paste cheese with a bottleneck similar to that of caciocavallo. The taste of scamorza is delicate, the scent of milk is very subtle and its cheese is white, solid and elastic.



  • Whole cow milk
  • Rennet
  • Salt

Nutritional value per 100g of product

  • Water 45 g.
  • Protein 22,7 g.
  • Fat (lipid) 10,1 g.
  • Carbohydrate 1 g.
  • Calcium 512 mg.
  • Phosphorus 299 mg.

Calorie content

100g of scamorza contain about 209Kcal


How to preserve scamorza

It is advisable to store scamorzain your refrigerator for one week or two weeks at the latest. Being a fresh cheese, if not eaten by the expiry day scamorza’saroma becomes unpleasant and acidic, so it is recommended to store scamorza at temperatures between 0 and 4 grades Celsius wrapped in transparent foil. Don’t leave scamorza without any wrapping or the cheese will become impregnated with other food odours.

Regarding the use of freezer, it is always recommended to keep this dairy product away from low temperatures, therefore it is not advisable to use it for scamorza. Since this dairyproduct is produced with hot water, it is avoidable to put it through particularly cold temperatures. The harsh cold would in fact make its cheese hard and chewy, also destroying all its organoleptic properties. However, in case you want to cook scamorza at a later date, you can make an exception and freeze it to cook it later on.

White scamorza goes very well with meat, vegetables and carbs. Being a widely versatile product, scamorza is used in many different ways, from appetizers to side dishes. You can cook scamorza with finely chopped speck (Italian smoked ham) and then wrap it around it.

You can also cook a main course based on scamorza and radicchio. Farfalle (homemade bowtie pasta) work wonders with these ingredients, as they absorb the scent of radicchio and the delicate aroma of white scamorza.

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