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The Collebianco Dairy company was born in 1986 thanks to the experience and the passion for the buffalo mozzarella of the Ambrosca family.

Located in Cilento, the Collebianco Dairy selects meticulously the fresh buffalo milk coming from the breeding of Piana del Sele. The hygienic control and the nutrition of buffalos is guaranteed by the Consorzio di Tutela (Protection Association,  an institute that guides the production of DOP/PDO Mozzarella.

The Collebianco Dairy produces one of the best buffalo mozzarella of Salerno and of the whole Piana del Sele. All our products (i.e. Mozzarellona, Aversana and many more)undergo the protective designation of origin (PDO). All of this gives quality and security to the customers without losing the old traditional ways and values.

foto famiglia collebianco


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